well, let’s see…where to begin. i am 30-something who just got her degree in occupational therapy. i have a loving partner and she and i have been together since 2009. i put a ring on it november 6, 2012 🙂 about  a year after we began dating, i had a string of medical problems (which i detail in the first few posts of my blog) that eventually led to me being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. and just like that a brand new life full of challenges and opportunities was before me. i try every day to make the conscious decision to use my diagnosis as an opportunity to be a better person instead of letting it bring me down. i come here to document my successes and my failures but mostly its just a blog about my life with MS and a same-sex partner, and my support animal.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. ScottSD says:

    I left a comment about training for the century ride on the thisisms webpage. Curious to see how you are doing with training.

    • mmpetunia says:

      Hi Scott,

      things are going well although a team mate has had an accident and so we were spending time lots of time visiting him in the hospital and helping out after discharge. our training got pushed to the side just a bit but we are back on track now. i will update soon. thanks for checking in! 🙂

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