whats going on with me (other than MS)

its been a long time since i updated on whats going on with me. i think the last time i talked about school/internships i had completed my final internship and was studying for my board exams. i’m happy to report that i passed…4 months ago. since then, i’ve just been enjoying a simple life where i just work and have days off. no more studying, no more 6 days a week, no more group projects and 2 hour commutes. it has been GREAT, a much needed break from the chaos of the last few years.

i still look back on school and that final year in particular and wonder how the fuck i did it. i was stressed beyond belief. the fact that i was even able to carry on and not crack under the pressure is, in my opinion one of my biggest accomplishments. i did more than graduate, i survived the gauntlet. 

but its been 8 months now since i stepped foot onto the grounds of my internship site and 4 since i passed my boards. even though i want to rest here i have to keep moving forward. i’ve given myself a fair amount of shit for not moving on faster, but when it comes down to it, its what i needed. i needed this time to clear my head, to rest my body, and to prepare myself for my future. 

i’ve had a plan for the future that i haven’t shared much with others but i’m going to share it now: i want to travel as an OT. as luck would have it, my family has an RV i can use which makes things quite a bit easier and less costly. i’m really excited! most people that i have spoken with about travel were quite emphatic about needing at least a year of experience before setting out. well, i’ve always been good at winging it. i mean, how do you think i made it through school after all the bullshit i went though?! it wasn’t on good looks and charms, i can guarantee that! at any rate, my plan is to get 6 months of experience in and then head out of here. that puts me at a departure date of around march. 

i just accepted an offer for my first full time OT position. i’m a mixture of excitement, relief, and fear. that’s probably pretty normal though! i’m a bit anxious about working 5 days a week and doing a long commute, but i’ll just have to see how things go. i finally (mostly) feel like i have energy again which is something i have really struggled with. its hard for me to think that i will lose that. i don’t just want to save all of my energy for a job. i want to live life! 

so there you have it, i turned in my 2 week notice on tuesday which was bittersweet. i feel so at home at my job. even though i don’t like the actual work i love my coworkers. it’s really hard to leave but i have to move forward. i just keep thinking about all of the gorgeous places that await me out on the road and i know that i have to do this to make it happen. it’s still hard though. 

i would like to travel for about 2 years, which means i would have 8 assignments total. i am compiling a list of places that i would like to visit. so far i have:

1) montana. in particular i HAVE to spend time in glacier national park

2) new orleans

3) maine. i’ve always had a fascination with maine. it all looks pretty beautiful

4) georgia. those islands!

5) ALASKA!!! 

6) santa fe. i’m not a huge fan of the desert but i think if anywhere can change my mind its new mexico…or maybe utah.

7) florida keys

8) hawaii…anywhere!!!

after these 8 assignments are up i have 3 plans:

1) loooooooooong vacation

2) family?? 

3) stem cell transplant

but those are a topics for another (maybe 3?) post. 🙂


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