2 lezzies one house

today i opened up facebook and found that another couple i know are getting married now that DOMA has been struck down and it’s legal. stating the obvious here: i’m thrilled for them. they are a fantastic couple who are really happy together. stating the not-so-obvious: any time i see a post like this, i can’t help but compare myself and my life to others and find myself feeling sad and lonely and restless for change. i really need to stop looking at people’s pictures… either that or i need to start friending only people who are less successful in life than i am because seeing all of the happy people surrounded by large groups of smiling, jumping friends and scenic pictures in my news feed just makes me wish that i had  A) money; B) friends; and C) energy to do things with my money and my friends.

i honestly don’t know how people work all day then do a happy hour or the gym, clean the house, make dinner, watch a movie with friends, take the dog for a walk, go to bed late, then get up and do it all again the next day. but judging by my newsfeed, my friends never sleep, always have a drink in their hands, and are constantly surrounded by 20 of their closest friends. and they also have the energy and time to invest into their perfect relationships too.

i was sitting there feeling like a total lame duck until a friend posted this into my news feed. now i feel a little bit better but confused as to what to do about it, since the problem AND the solution both originated in the same place– facebook.

oh well, i’ll just talk about what i’ve been up to. namely a gazillion shoestring DIY projects. i’m seriously considering completely changing this blog and calling it something like 2 crafty lesbians. or, as K suggested 2 lezzies, one house. because all i really do anymore is DIY crap around the house. it makes me happy, what can i say?

on our list for the next couple of weeks is a wooden pallet deck and a duvet cover. the planter box is ongoing, so i will be posting some cool pics of everything growing soon. we harvested our first bit of greens last weekend. so cool!!  i have some super exciting news about future plans i will be updating on when i get a few things worked out. and no, a baby is NOT part of the plan (although i guess that would be a pretty amazing DIY project…hmmmm)!


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