(part of) my next move

a good friend of mine who was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer planted a seed many months ago about Gawler retreats. She has been to their 10 day cancer retreat twice. she believes it to be life changing, life affirming, and beneficial in her treatment. i should trust her, since at this point she has proved her doctors wrong and is doing better than they thought she would.

today i was cruising a MS forum and came across a research study that focused on an “Australian 5 day retreat” that improved quality of life for attendees–the Gawler retreat.

seed just sprouted.

this was definitely something that has been in the back of my mind since she mentioned it, but planning it felt overwhelming. K and I have been planning on a trip for many months, but so far no destinations have felt right or “stuck.” we have basically considered every country in central and south america, along with most of southeast asia, australia, AND hawaii!

it seems a bit serendipitous. i’m really hopeful we can make this work and that K will be interested in going. plus, we would get to see all of our australian friends again. win-win?

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