getting crafty

i am on week 6 of a 6 week break in between my internships. it has been phenomenal! and has given me some time to ponder life, make bucket lists, lay around in my PJ’s till 3 in the afternoon, and complete projects i have been meaning to do. when K and i first moved in here nearly a year ago, i set my desk up in the mud room off of the kitchen as a study area. then, we began renting that area out as a “guest nook” to supplement our finances since internship = pay $$ to work for free.

let me tell you, being able to rent out that space was absolutely a lifesaver! however, it meant that my desk needed a new place to live. this translated to it being hastily and unceremoniously shoved into our bedroom and then piled up with random things and clothes. our bedroom door was not left open for months. things began to pile up in there. it started to look more like a storage room than a bedroom.

i came to realize that my desk was something that i no longer needed. i mean, grad school is over and frankly i never sat at my desk to study anyways, so why keep it? it was big and taking up a ton of space. plus, my plan is to travel as an occupational therapist so i need to be thinning out my possessions. i sold my beloved desk. the one that i had all the way through college. the one that i forced my ex to drive up to the bay area after i dumped him so that i could have it back. i went from this:

to this:

i needed storage! so, i got around to another project that had been on my list for some time–making a wine crate shelf. i had many ideas in mind for these, but since we are renting and i didn’t want to put any unnecessary holes in the wall that would be docked from our deposit later, i opted for a standing shelf.

i really wanted to mount them on the wall above the desk and i also considered making planter boxes. in the end i needed storage. construction was simple i just used 4 nails to join the two boxes vertically. i plan to paint the insides of the boxes a bright fun color. i love that one of the shelves is covered so that i can hide practical, but not pretty items.

it balances out the new desk set up nicely, wouldn’t you say?


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