my day in photos (and a few words)

today, birds and i visited bernal heights park. this place is really just a hilltop with a road (no cars allowed) that winds around it to the top. dogs are allowed to roam unleashed. birds LOVES this place (of course that means we do too).

Imageshe is a surprisingly adventurous dog, considering the first time i took K to meet her we went on a hiking trip and birds (then known as “little one”) HATED getting her paws wet in the river and needed to be carried over large boulders and the like. but now she is fearless, and thinks humans move too darn slow.

she turned around as if to say “hurry up mom!”

the view from up here is pretty amazing– a panoramic view of the city in all directions. there is no bad view to be found here.


birds taking it all in

birdie has grown by leaps and bounds since we have had her. she surprised us by loving the ocean, running full-on into the waves and chasing ball after ball into the water. and she surprised us again with her love of hiking. shes a great companion on the trail, even when it was pouring rain in big sur! today she surprised me again with her attempts to climb a tree. thats, right. i have a tree-climbing pit bull!


its definitely not something she would do without plenty of motivation. i had climbed up the tree and was sitting on a branch. i guess that was enough to send her into velcro dog mode! its hard to tell, but in this photo (below) she is perched on a thick branch below me. that is the look of determination, wouldn’t you say?

she reminds me a bit of those headless dancing muppets in the movie the labyrinth here.

ah, the agony of defeat. after realizing her clunky, muscle bound body was no match for the tree, birds splayed out beneath me on the ground. i climbed the tree hoping for a view from high up or a comfy spot to read for a bit, and having found neither i climbed down from the tree. birds was so excited she ran around the top of the hill doing zoomies.

Imagethen i found a nice shady spot and read for awhile. birds found this agonizingly boring, especially because i leashed her and tied her to a protruding root in the ground so she could no longer wander or steal other dogs’ balls (note tennis ball near the edge of the cliff on the right hand side of the photo…).

she intermittently whined from the injustice of it all. and gave me sad puppy dog eyes until i was ready to go…a whopping 30 minutes. i think i read 3 pages of my book (Lolita, if you are wondering).

on the way back, this is what she does. climbs up the side of the mountain, then runs down it. meanwhile, i enjoyed the view and the antics of my dog. from the pathway. i will admit to encouraging her to run up the hillside…


on the way home, we stopped for tacos from tacolicious so, so good! birds didn’t partake in tacos, but she did get to sniff them. i think she would agree about thier deliciousness.

sadly, i had to stop taking pictures after this because my phone battery was nearly dead. all in all, it was a fun day. once home, i resolved to spend my free days taking more mini adventures such as this. i wonder what tomorrow will bring!

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