feeling frustrated with the american life lately. overwhelmed with grad school. hit my wall 2 weeks ago and since i haven’t fully recovered. when i think about my life all i can think about is how i am failing at it right now. i am failing as a partner, as a friend, as a student, as an employee. failing at all of it! it should NOT have to be this way to get through school!

today i looked into switching over my health insurance to the school plan so that when i cut down my hours to per diem at work i won’t be uninsured and won’t have to pay nearly $1000 for COBRA each month. i was willing to give it a shot, even knowing that i would likely lose my doc’s and have to start all over again with a new neuro…until i inquired about prescription coverage. $500 a YEAR. that’s it. wouldn’t even cover half of one month of medication. useless!! how is this legal?!

if you know someone who thinks that universal healthcare is an infringement on thier rights, you can refer them to me: a gainfully employed, non drug-addicted, intelligent, and hard working person who has had the misfortune of being handed one shitty diagnosis. then that person and i can have a nice chat about whose rights are being infringed upon here.

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