so thankful

i have been reading off and on about dog DNA testing today. we have often wondered what birdie’s true genetic make up is. while we are quite sure that there is at least *some* pit bull in there, it seems that there is good reason to doubt that we can accurately determine her mix (or lack thereof) based soley on her looks. when i began entertaining the idea of getting a support animal, it seemed that there were so many possibilities as far as which dog breed i could get. should it be a pure-bred and adorable french bulldog? should i go though a rescue? the SPCA? get a mutt?

i have always favored the bully breeds and i have wanted one for as long as i can remember. but i wondered if living in a small apartment, working, and commuting an hour each way for grad school was too busy of a schedule to make a fair life for a pit bull. i mean, they are big. they are terriers. and they need to expend ENERGY. the last thing i needed was to come home and find my couch eviscerated by an overly bored dog.

so even though my mom had an incredibly sweet and gorgeous red-nosed pitty girl in her backyard, i hesitated on the idea of a pit bull. as you can see, from the posts in the blog, i clearly talked myself into her. i can say that it was not a decision without risks. i was so nervous we wouldn’t be able to make it work. for a time, we weren’t even sure if it would happen.

in late january, she was stolen out of my mom’s backyard and was gone for just about 3 weeks. we were so disappointed and sad over losing her. we truly didn’t think we would ever see her again. but we did. it was literally a spur of the moment decision to bring her home when we did. and the whole experience was quite serindipitous. since then, things have been rocky at times but now we all seem to be settling in nicely.

i’ve had a lot of time to think about where she was during those three weeks and also how getting a support animal went down for me. i could have chosen just about any dog from the shelter, gone to breeder, or found one through craigslist. but i’m so thankful for our pitty girl. not only is she a great dog, i also feel like i was in a unique position with my illness to secure forever a home where she was safe (never stolen again!) and loved for a very deserving dog.

rescues screen potential homes for thier dogs very caerfully, and even shelters with limited budgets do what they can to prevent dogs from coming back but times are tough. plenty of people who thought they were in a position to offer a dog a forever home are losing thier homes, or trying to find a place in a rental market that in general is not pet-friendly, especially not when it comes to bully breeds. consequently, good dogs especially pit bull type dogs are ending up homeless.

since she is my support animal, she has a legal right to stay with me in just about any living situation. at least in that sense, i don’t have to worry if i am foreclosed on and cannot find pet-friendly housing. in these times, that is about as secure of a situation as a dog or thier person could hope for. in a way, it felt like this was an opportunity for me to do some real good for at least one pit bull out there who needed a home. if you are in a position as i was–looking for a support animal, get a pit bull! they will be so thankful.

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