spring break

i think today i just want to write about whatever comes to mind. for instance, my amazing, awesome support animal has a wicked case of seperation anxiety. in the days since her arrival, my partner and i have spent many hours and many dollars trying to cure her of her velcro dog affliction. we have finally made it to a whole 30 minutes of her being alone with not a single peep from her crate. which is great, but in some ways this is now the more difficult, time consuming part of this process–we have to sit on our doorstep and time her because we need to know if she is whining. i have heard that once you make it to 40 minutes in the crate alone, its smooth sailing from there. let’s hope so! otherwise she continues to be one of the most amazing dogs i have ever had the pleasure of being owned by. such a sweetheart! such a goof!

today i went to an oral surgeon for a recheck of my lichen planus. i was given the all-clear. i now know that i am allergic to crest multi-care, colgate, and arm and hammer toothpastes. shortly after learning that i had lichen planus, i also discovered that i am allergic to my deodorant (thankfully, there are effective natural versions!). it seems strange to develop so many allergies to things in a such a short amount of time. at the time that i developed the lichen planus, i had been taking copaxone for three months and developed a cold (something that has not happened in 11 years!) and two new allergies. even though copaxone is not supposed to affect my immune system function in any way, i have my doubts in light of these developments. i will save my rant about the disease-modifying drugs (DMD’s) for another time…

my partner and i are supposed to be going out of town for the weekend, only in true slacker fashion we have made no reservations or firm decisions about where we are going. ha! if we do make it, it will be so nice to get out of town for a bit. if we don’t i will still enjoy relaxing at home with her.

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